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Rediscovering Yourself

As a creative, we have ebbs and flows with inspiration. There are times where the ideas are boundless and there just isn’t enough time in the day to take action on them. Other times however it’s a barren wasteland where dust devils swirl around just barely tempting our inner creative.

Natural Seawall Mount Desert Island, Maine

One idea that came to mind is a post I had squirreled away, literally since 2012. But the idea is still a great one. This doesn’t require you going out and creating new things, but rather going back through your archives and rediscovering some of your best moments.

Here is what you’re going to be looking for:

  • An image that makes you laugh or smile.
  • An image that makes you dream.
  • An image that makes you think.
  • An image that makes you remember with fondness.
  • An image you’re most proud of.
“Little Blue” Hunting Island, South Carolina

It’ll probably take you a little while but it’s well worth the effort. I guarantee you’ll rediscover some images that you have that are brilliant.

Another wonderful thing about this exercise is that you’ll begin associating feelings and emotions to an image that you perhaps never have defined before.

I would LOVE to hear what images you rediscover and perhaps the best way we can share with each other are on my Facebook Page (Click to link through.)

Tomorrow I’ll share with you what else you can do when you troll through your archives searching for these images. Now I’m off to find my own rediscoveries.

In Camera Multiple Exposure

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  1. Hunting Island is such a magical place. Knew right away where that shot was from. Was there several years ago and went on a turtle nest search with my brother’s organization. Sunrise was just amazing. The cabins that were there I believe are now all gone with the last big hurricane that took out the end of the Pier by the nature center.

    • That must have been amazing looking for turtles, but MAN the mosquitoes there can carry you off. They were insane when I was there. I didn’t know the nature center had gotten knocked out. Oh so sad…Thanks for sharing Karen.

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