All about Hoofbeats & Footprints

Smith Island Boats

Who needs a car when you can have a boat instead. Returning back to my archives from June and remembering some of the wonderful things we discovered on Smith Island one thing truly stood out. As an island that thrives on the water man’s way of life it only natural that boats are an integral part of the landscape.

Boats are everywhere one would look. Many in working order and busy being used by their owners on the water.

Others stood abandoned in the marsh grasses left for Mother Nature to return the woodwork to the landscape.

The boats used on the Chesapeake Bay are built a little differently with deep “V” shaped hulls to withstand the choppy waters and the decks open to accommodated the water man’s trade.

I loved the rustic nature of these boats and if a boat could talk oh the stories it could tell. Of hard weather and balmy summer days and of the person that lovingly cared for them while in service.

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