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There’s a new form of mobile artistry that I’ve been working on this year and which I share on my Instagram page. Reminiscent of the Hudson River Art School from the end of the 1800’s in New York, the images reflect classic American Landscapes.

They have been fun to create, but it’s not always easy to find the right scene that lends itself to this type of mobile art. First, having a plain gray sky or even better dramatic clouds, and lots of empty space that a texture can be applied then the subject can be supported.

One of the more favorite apps I use to create this type of imagery DistressedFX which you can even add birds to the sky to add a living element to the scene.

The possibilities are endless and give a sense of surrealism to your images. With the higher image quality now being produced by Smartphones, you’ll always have a camera with you. Mobile artistry is a growing trend and the wide variety of subject matter is impressive.

Below is the original image before editing. Time to discover your inner artist!

For more detailed information on using the app click here.

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