Deep in the Weeds

Deep in the Weeds ” Totally immersed in or preoccupied with the details or complexities (of something)”

Learning how to change your perspective will help you see photo opportunities that you may have never seen before. There are times we can get stuck in a specific vision or paradigm of what something should look like, and with this pre-conception it closes our eyes and mind to new visions.

Recently I came across another photographer’s abstract nature captures of things found in the grasses and weeds of the landscapes. The details in the complex mess of nature is hidden things not usually seen. The concept intrigued me, especially since I spend so much time in meadows and wetlands.

With my first outing, I began with a longer focal range with the 100-400mm lens and began to work on this idea. After the first round I’d like to try again, this time to really focus on the one thing that stands out in the weeds.

It’s a challenge to get yourself to think outside of the box. For me..I’ve always been outside of the box and just can’t seem to get back in.

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