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How Do You See?

When enjoying the Maryland Federation of Art’s 50th Birthday celebration last night at the Circle Gallery in historic Annapolis, I had the opportunity to meet some wonderful artists.

Many had been creating art most of their lives and kept it going even during their major earning years while working at a corporate job. Now released from the dull-drums of an office job they are finding themselves with the time to devote themselves full-time to their craft.

It was impressive to hear how many hours they put into creating a single piece of art and made me truly appreciate the nature of photography.

One artist in particular said something quite enlightening to me:

“Some people see the similarities in a subject; some people see the differences in the subject and some people see the subject in separate terms.”

You can have several photographers standing right next to each other and capture the exact same scene and subject in several different ways. It certainly does help explain how our brains work in viewing the world around us.

So when you’re viewing your subject in trying to determine how you will capture it, question yourself as to just how you’re looking at it. What is similar, what is different, and how is it separate.

Consider this meadow image below and ask yourself these three questions. You’d be surprised with what you’ll come up with. Have a wonderful weekend!

The story behind these images: When visiting Howard County Conservancy this week to scout for my photography class this weekend, I wandered the dew filled grassy trails to explore along the meadows. The sunrise was rather muted and with the luck of Nik Color Efex Pro I was able to boost what was there before bringing it into Topaz Impressions for the painterly look.

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