Continuously Changing

The world is continuously changing. Once you think you finally understand something, it changes. We should be nimble with those changes and hopefully learn quickly without too much Sailor talk involved.

Such is the world of technology and in particular the software possibilities that are being introduced for photo editing. Not only is it happening on our desktop, it’s happening with our smart phones and smart devices. In fact, I’m feeling that these changes are happening at lightening speed and it’ll be a full-time job just to keep up and learn all of the options available to me.

As an artist, I am seeing my work begin to evolve into something that is a bit more creative and expressive in regards to texture, elements of nature and even perhaps a nostalgic look. In all of my wanders, scenery of the American Landscape has always mesmerized me. Whether it be the babbling brook or the salt marshes of Maryland Eastern shore, nature spoke to me. However I never did much with these landscapes until more recently.

Inspired by the American Landscapes work that came out of the Hudson River Art School in the mid 19th century,  I had the good fortune to spend time with an amazing iPhone landscape artist Karen Klinedinst. Her work with a simple iPhone is inspirational and I wanted to learn her secrets.

First a solid composition of your landscape with elements of Flora and Fauna, land and sky is needed to lend itself to this type of imagery. Knowing how to form the landscape elements into a pleasing design takes practice and lots of observation and study. My Instagram Feed is now beginning to fill with these landscapes. Some are keepers, some not so much. But as with anything, Practice makes Perfect.

Some of the apps available for creative edits include Snapseed for overall image editing, then Mextures, Distressed FX and others. But it doesn’t end there. In fact, that’s only just the beginning.

Topaz Studios has updated their software suite last year and now offers 10 free adjustments. I’ve always loved their Topaz Impressions module which allows me to give a painterly effect to my images. Now Topaz Studio has introduced the updated Topaz Texture Effects which is now on sale that offers presets with grunge, tones, etc. The image above was edited using Topaz Texture Effects.

Gone is the complicated method of layers in Photoshop. Being able to clone out spots, and adjustment brushes makes fancy editing much simpler. Here is the original image to consider:

I am offering a Digital Art Room class on February 17, 2018 in Falls Church, Virginia and two spots are remaining in this course. For more information click through to the Capital Photography Center Website.

Stay tuned as many more changes have come out in the photo editing world and I’ll be talking about it soon!

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  1. Emily, you are ne topnotch photographer. I am still using my iPad to take photos and eventually upgrade to iPhones when the prize is right. Speaking of chance, what happened to a faceless gravatar. Perpetua

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