Beginning of a New Year

Time flies when you’re having fun. The New Year has begun and after my rant and rave just at the end of the year about what had happened with the Snowy Owls in Delaware and New Jersey, I took a break and went on walkabout.

The week after the holidays is always very quiet for me and I take the opportunity to get out and enjoy some of my more favorite spots. We received a deep arctic freeze for about three weeks and as a result most of the waterways have frozen over. To the point where people have been ice skating and ice fishing where one could never do so before.

Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge was relatively quiet if it wasn’t for the large flock of Snow Geese that flushed up en-mass early in the morning. I trolled the wildlife loop twice and enjoyed the refuge practically all alone. It was such a wonderful morning and I spent time with one of the most tolerant Pileated woodpeckers I’ve ever met. Usually they see you a mile away and are long gone. I then had a rare sighting of the endangered Delmarva Squirrel. Please enjoy this peaceful video clip so you can be there with me.

Following, I had a quick stop at the Wall of Shame in Cambridge to watch the Ducks on Ice Capades show.

The day reminded me just how much I love getting out and enjoying our feathered friends. It’s a peaceful time but yet continuously engaging. Searching, listening with a sharp ear, watching them to learn about their world. This is why I love nature and wildlife photography. The challenge to find a subject and to be able to quietly enter their world without disturbance to be able to capture their beauty.

It gives me the ability to share my discoveries with others that don’t have the opportunity to go out on their own to enjoy these creatures. Totally worth suffering through the single digit temperatures with below zero wind chill factor.

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  1. Reblogged this on Life On The Lake and commented:
    Emily Carter Mitchell is an amazing artist with her camera. I’m always enthralled by her posts. Being a nature lover, it’s like visiting paradise each time I visit her site. Enjoy this.

  2. Beautiful stuff ECM! Solitude is sometimes good for the soul. I missed the info on the owls..


  3. Really beautiful photographs and a nice piece. I’m heading to Cape May, NJ this weekend. I hope to grab a few shots of wildlife in the freezer whileI’m there.

  4. What glorious captures Emily – the Delmarva squirrel is simply delightful and those swans are gorgeous – such a beautiful day to feed your soul!

  5. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures, video and peaceful moments with us, Emily. We are delighted at the moment as, noticing there were lots of interesting birds where we’ve been staying for the last 2 weeks, we bought a new bird feeder and wild bird seeds 4 days ago and we now have a permanent blue tit resident, a Robin, loads of sparrows and we have even seen a pair of Sardinian Warbler: a first for both of us! Moving on east to Provence tomorrow and will be taking bird feeder with us.

  6. What a beautiful way to wake up this morning.I was thinking about going to the park & the rain & fog slowed me down. I relaxed & viewed your pics & video.What a great morning. I loved them, gorgeous as always. I love going on your journeys with you vicariously. It is such a wonderful experience. I also must thank you for the ideas & things I learn from you & your work.
    I have not been nor thought about the Wall of Shame yet this year. I wish I had & I will now. Thanks for the reminder.Have a great day.

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