Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

Luke ~ Black maned lion

I love cats, I love cats of all cats. Big ones, small ones, ones with spots, ones with stripes, ones with a plain coat.

Some of these big cats can be enjoyed in regional zoos like the National Zoo in Washington D.C. or the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. Lounging around these cats get to warm in the sun as all cats love to do.


But they do love to stretch and strut their stuff. Showing that even they do seem cuddly, they are certainly something not to mess with.

Sumatran Tiger

And all cats love to climb and watch the world from above. Feeling superior to all.


Proud and exotic, big cats are truly remarkable in both their strength and beauty.


So the humble house cat stalk their prey much like their big cousins. Small kitty…big heart.

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