A Humdinger of a Hummingbird


This beautiful capture of a Ruby Throated Hummingbird actually came with much effort. First, enlist a friend that has both the equipment and the know how to set up a flash station to capture said hummingbird.


Mega flash with the Einstein 640WS light control by Paul C. Buff with Phottix lightbox. Add PocketWizard Plus III Remote Trigger system to my camera and the lightbox system.

Take a few test shots with a handheld meter standing next to the feeder and set the camera’s settings accordingly.

Thank goodness my friend is an engineer !! After some trial and error I began to get into the groove of photographing hummingbirds with ultra low ISO’s and shutter speeds. The image above was captured at 1/320 sec, f/8, ISO 100. White Balance custom at K 5800, center focus points with evaluative metering.

It was then cleaned up in Photoshop to remove the portion of the feeder in the frame and a slight texture was added to even out the background.

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  1. This is a stunning shot! Coincidentally, I’ve been working on drawing and painting hummingbirds for tomorrow, which is July’s edition of Draw a Bird Day. Do you mind if I wind up using this shot? It’s incredibly detailed! I may only wind up doing the head, and this is the best head shot I’ve seen. Bless you and your wonderful camera!

  2. Hi Emily – I sent an email your way yesterday afternoon with four photos attached. Not sure if it went through with all of those attachments, but wanted to alert you in case it didn’t. Thanks, and enjoy your Sunday! 😀

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