Bald Eagle Day

It was a crazy day today and I had total birding AD&D. Blame it on the Bald Eagles again.

It started this morning on the river when I was heading out for an appointment when I see two eagles drop down to the iced over river to attack a fish a gull had found. I didn’t have time, and one of the eagles caught sight of me far off in the distance and grabbed the fish and flew off to a tree. So off I went to my regular day, all excited about eagles.

"You Can't See Me"

Fantasy’s began dancing in my head of having a dead deer left in the middle of a field and eagles enjoying a feast. I even chatted with a hunter friend about my vision on my way to the barn. It was just a fantasy after all.

And it is as if the good Lord heard me and darned if there wasn’t a buck laying on the snow at the sod farm next to the horse farm. I don’t know what happened to the deer, but I knew it wouldn’t be long before an eagle found it. The barn happens to be within striking distance of the Route 450 / South River eagles, and I happened to see one just down the street on Friday.

Got to the barn. Having Eagle Frenzy..I had to jump in the car and return to the deer in the field. And my lucky stars! An Eagle was there!


But the story continues. After a few shots, he got shy and flew off. I knew it would take a while for him to return, so I left to run a few errands. Came back, and the Eagle is one again on the deer. Took another few shots. Off he went. Darned shutter sounds. So I left once again for another errand.

The Circle of Life

By the time I had returned, a landscaping crew had their sights on the deer and two guys had surrounded the deer. It was fresh and they were plotting ways to take it home for the meat. I pleaded with them to please leave the deer and showed them a picture of the eagle. They didn’t care.

I left, but called their boss and tattle-taled on them. I don’t know what will happen with the deer and if it will be left there for the morning. Either way, the men had moved the deer around and completely changed its position.

It’s all about being at the right place at the right time, and having your equipment ready. By sheer chance I happened to have put into my car today all of my camera equipment. Wow..what a day!

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    • I agree that deer meat would be beneficial for those in need. In this case, the boys were plenty robust. It was a ‘want’ vs. a need. There are rules and regulations governing the harvesting of deer in Maryland. At minimum, they would have to get the deer tagged and have DNR come and identify the reason why the deer had died.

  1. Awesome captures and excitement! This time of year it is not unusual to go up Rt 301 to Delaware and see a downed deer alongside the road and an Eagle eating. Usually there are quite a few vultures 10-15 ft away from the Eagle, hoping and waiting for Mr. Eagle to finish so they can finish the clean-up. 🙂

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