Costa Rica

Where’s Bella Remy

Please forgive me, my dear readers and followers. After my last posting, I got hit with a bad cold that stopped me in my tracks. No energy, no attention span for two weeks has kept me off grid during that time.

I confess though, I enjoyed the break from virtual reality and spent the time relaxing. I’ve still plenty of wonderful images from my short visit to Costa Rica, and a trip southward to sunny Florida is on the near horizon. So look forward to a renewal of some wonderful nature and wildlife images to enjoy.

I left you last in the cloud forest in the mountains near Poas Volcano, enjoying the stunning nature seen at Poas Volcano Lodge and the Peace Lodge. Continuing, we will drive along the highway and discover the beautiful waterfall named La Paz waterfall. Now included in the Waterfall Gardens at Peace Lodge, I remember this waterfall from my first visit to this area back in 1985.


At that time, it was a small country road in the middle of the wilderness. A rickety wooden bridge to cross, the waterfalls shrouded you in the mist from its power.

Still running strong today, the La Paz Waterfalls can now be seen from above by walkways throughout the Waterfall Gardens at Peace Lodge. Now with a modern bridge, the highway is nicely paved and busy with cars and trucks going to and fro.

The power of the waterfalls thunders, deafening the sounds of the traffic and taking you to a different place in its cool mist.

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  1. It looks wonderful! Hope you are now feeling much better. I remember breaking an ankle some years ago and after the initial horror I quite enjoyed the retreat from the world. I knew I would recover though and so did you and that makes all the difference, I guess! Here’s to the next trip! Xx

  2. Hey! Hopefully you feel all better now. I have been away from the virtual world myself but not away from writing articles everyday ( for other websites just to get paid.) Seeing those pictures reminds me of my trip to Samal Island, Davao del Norte. I miss nature, it really eases your stress away.

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