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  1. I love this impressionist picture, thought for a moment it might have been one you took and did some of your magical post editing on, but yes its a painting. With what you’ve shared recently I wonder if this is not prophetic for you. Since beginning your blog you’ve been on a journey but lately hint at more change to come….if so all the best, life is not a dress rehearsal, it’s the real deal and as you said very short. Go and do great things with the wonderful gifts God has given you!

    • Thank you for your wonderful comment Herb. YES ! It is one of my images that I altered in Topaz Impressions. And if you saw where this place is, you’d be amazed as it’s where they bring dredging material in from the shipping channel to Baltimore.

      Interesting that you’ve caught a theme in my posts. That has been created completely unconsciously. Must be I’m getting older and feeling it. Fighting it all the way. Oh if we could only have our knowledge that we have now when we were in our mid-20’s. Can you imagine?

      Thank you again and have a lovely Sunday.

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