Eastern Screech Owl


It’s time for Birds of Prey week. Starting off with some lovely owls and then moving on to some raptors. In a small photography workshop at the Carrie Murray Nature Center, several of us had the unique opportunity to spend some intimate time with these beautiful birds.

Located in urban Baltimore, the Carrie Murray Nature Center was established in late 1980’s by a generous donation by donation from baseball legend Eddie Murray. In honor of his mother, the center is home for a wide variety of birds and wildlife. Included at the center is rehabilitation center for injured and orphaned wildlife. The hawk house is home for a number of resident raptors for their educational programs.

Supported by the Baltimore City Department Parks and Recreation, and donations the center relies on the generosity of both donors and volunteers alike. One person in particular makes the center shine. Lloyd Tydings has been with the center for at least 20 years and has developed a close relationship with the birds of prey in his care. Each bird is lovingly cared for and his kind spirit has created birds happy and healthy.

There a few small nature centers in the Chesapeake Bay area that are due great notice. They offer a wide variety of educational nature programs for children and adults alike. Those with birds of prey like the Carrie Murray Nature Center have an expensive food bill to keep their birds and animals well fed in their care.

You can make a difference from near and afar. Contributions to the center are accepted through their webpage paid with Paypal servlces.

Any donation amount would be greatly appreciated by the Carrie Murray Nature Center.

Certainly the center would be grateful for your generosity, and “Acorn” this lovely Screech Owl says thank you for his little mice supper.


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  1. I’ve always been an owl fan. They are so majestic. I’m very lucky to have a raptor rescue down the street from me.
    Great capture of this Lil guy!

      • I asked about volunteering when I had found a chimney swift baby and was dropping the little fellow off. They only wanted certified type biology students, and didn’t seem to have any shortage of volunteers. I was actually glad to hear that! I gave a donation instead. It’s also great to know I have a place to bring found injured/young birds.

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