Little Sweeties in the Trees

It’s been a rather busy week once again for me, and the calendar is actually full through December. Work seems to keep getting in the way of me being able to go out and bird during fall migration.

I’ve been watching a plant in my garden known as a Pineapple sage. When it blooms with its red flowers, hummingbirds come to enjoy the sweet nectar of this ornamental herb. At long last, the small bush began to bloom this past week, and the hummingbirds have been about. Each time I walk out of the house or drive up in the driveway, I see the hummingbirds busy at the flowers. But as soon as I get out, they fly off.

The past two days I’ve been waiting for their return, camera in hand. After an hour of waiting yesterday, then today after a half an hour, I gave up and decided to walk the rest of the garden.

The rewards of waiting paid off in a different way. The gnats were out in full force in the late afternoon, and little birds were darting about feasting on the bugs. First was a Ruby Crowned Kinglet, with its inquisitiveness, and then an elusive Cape May warbler. Rare to be found in these parts.

And then today, a pair of Yellow-rump warblers, and a pair of Cape May warblers graced me with their presence. They didn’t seem to mind me too much as there were too many gnats catching their attention.

Now don’t think I’ve given up on getting that hummingbird shot I have in mind. I’ll just have to stalk the pineapple sage for a really long time to get what I want.

For the techies out there, these captures were made with the Canon 7D Mark II, 100-400mm f/4 L ii. Handheld, no flash, ISO 3000, f/5.6, 1/60 of a sec.

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  1. That Pineapple Sage sounds great and I’m sure you’ll get your shots eventually. In the meantime, all those warblers are really sweet and lovely and surely they mus make up for the disappointment of not seeing the hummingbirds. Best of luck! πŸ™‚

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