Brown Boobies in Baltimore


Earlier in the week my friend and I went into the Baltimore Harbor in search of boobies. Yes ! Boobies. We even found a pair of boobies.

Brown Boobies is what I mean. Brown boobies are a tropical bird known to grace the waters southwest of Key West on the Dry Tortuga Islands, the Sea of Cortez, and the Caribbean waters.

Considered a mega rare sighting in Maryland, these wayward lost souls have made Baltimore Harbor their home for the past few weeks. The Baltimore Sun published a wonderful article about this exciting event.

They have found their perfect roost between two large gray military ships, the Antares and the Denebola. Enjoying the large ropes, they sit and give their perfect poses to the hundreds of birders that have flocked to the waterways to view these birds.


In order to see these birds, my friend and I drove to Fells Point and parked right in front of where the Baltimore water taxis are located. Speaking with the captain and crew, they knew all about the boobies and guided us to the Purple line which transports tourists from Fells Point to Fort McHenry. They drove straight to the two ships and floated between the two so we could get wonderful closeup views of these exotic birds.


We continued on and dropped of the tourists at Fort McHenry, and returned to their roosting site, only to watch them fly off to enjoy some aerial views of the harbor.


But these aren’t the only boobies I’ve had the priviledge to see. Last year while visiting the Galapagos Islands, I was able to enjoy close up views of three different boobies: Blue Footed Booby, Pink Footed Booby and the Nazca Boobies.


Nazca Booby

Nazca Booby

Pink Footed Booby

Pink Footed Booby

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  1. Such an extraordinary find! I’ve seen brown boobies on Heron Island off the coast of Australia, and they are such amazing birds. To find them in MD (after an impressive and tenacious search) had to have been great fun! Wonderful photos. 🙂

  2. That’s a really exciting photo opp. Yay for you for grabbing the opportunity and sharing the pictures with us. Baltimore was my place of birth, so an extra treat that you blipped the boobies there.

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