Good Morning !

This darling baby Common Tern would wait within the beach grass waiting for mom to arrive with a meal. Somehow with all of the terns flying around, the baby knew which one was mom.

When she knew mom was drawing near, she would come out of the grass in a more open area, screaming “I’m Here! I’m Here!” Mom would swoop down and drop the fish in her mouth. Most of the time, quickly flying off again.


These images and more from the beach are available for purchase on my smugmug website. Click on the top image for a direct link to the site.

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  1. Aw! You can see the grains of sand coming off the chick’s belly. Such crispness and clarity in your shots. A seller for sure. I hope you’re enjoying your summer. 😀

  2. Agree with Shannon. Can you tell me do terns land to feed the young or (kind of) hover and pass the food down. This question prompted by the timing of your capture by the way – splendid.

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