A Little House Wren


A little House wren has moved into the manor. The past two years I’ve been hearing her in my neighbor’s garden. Green with envy I hoped with all my might that one day she would consider changing real estate.

Quite an avid singer I was starting to believe that she may always live elsewhere. But when something is least expected, it’s bound to happen.

I had installed several bird houses throughout the garden and most were vacant except for the bluebirds and the chickadees. I checked now and again in hopes of a new family. But they stood empty.

I also had been keeping an eye on the bird boxes as I didn’t want any house sparrows to move in. House sparrows are considered an invasive bird and can quickly destroy another bird’s nest. And so with this thought in mind, when I saw some sticks poking out of the bird house entry, I immediately assumed it was a House sparrow nest.

Opening it up, I saw a mess of sticks. Another characteristic of a house sparrow. I started to pull out the nest and saw that two eggs were inside. Now doubting my assumption, I decided to leave the nest and verify exactly who it was that had moved in.

I’m so glad I did as it was the little House wren who had moved in. I’m so thrilled to have a new family start at the manor.

In the meanwhile, Azure and Celeste now have four eggs and are diligent watching their nest. I’ve left it alone more in hopes that this group of babies will be successful. So far, the fish crows haven’t picked up on the scent.

Let’s hope for two more successful families at the manor

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  1. Wrens are the cutest, I have a pair in my backyard and the neighbor has a pair. All are very vocal…Im always sad to see them leave but look forward to them coming back in the spring…

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