Sweet Nectar


Wings fluttering quicker than the eye can see,
The little Hummingbird searching for sweet nectar
Stopped at the flower, thinking to itself
The sweetest one, this one must be

Like a helicopter, hovering above,
It’s long beak piercing the target,
Sucking with its straw and drawing it near,
The sweet, sweet nectar, from the center or love

A beautiful site for all to see,
The beauty of nature,
From a little Hummingbird,
With wings fluttering, as happy as can be,

Unlike any other, as nature created,
The little Hummingbird,
Only one of a kind,
Suckling the nectar, and unabated,

Flying away, completely filled,
To once, again search,
For the next beauty of love,
To draw sweet nectar, not a drop spilled.
B.J. Ayers

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  1. Not a drop spilled, That’s the wonder of these small beauties, they manage to hover steadily while enjoying the nectar, so amazing 🙂

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