Getting Art into your Life at the Baltimore Museum of Art

Auguste Rodin "The Thinker"

Auguste Rodin “The Thinker”

Mother nature isn’t the only fantastic artist on earth. Spectacular works of art have been created throughout the centuries, both modern and old. It makes us think hard, like Rodin’s “the Thinker”, of the meaning of life. Sitting there contemplating how our lives fit into the tapestry.

Mother nature inspires artists, like Van Gogh’s works inspired from Provence, France. With its magical light and sage colored trees. These works are as if Van Gogh took a magical camera to the landscape.

Vincent Van Gogh "Landscape with figures" 1889

Vincent Van Gogh “Landscape with figures” 1889

Even the age of innocence captured by the controversial “Little Dancer” by Degas. Even the simplest things can hold a much deeper meaning.

Edgar Degas "Little Dancer aged Fourteen"

Edgar Degas “Little Dancer aged Fourteen”

But then modern art ensues and the abstract and randomness of seeing the world with eyes from what seems like another planet. Andy Warhol and others challenge what many would consider art.

The brilliance of life are captured through the colors created by nature. Colors that manage to work beautifully together to bring vibrance and hope.

Henri Matisse "Anemones & Chinese Vase"

Henri Matisse “Anemones & Chinese Vase”

Henri Matisse "Interior with Dog"

Henri Matisse “Interior with Dog”

Seeing these masterpieces and many more is yours for discovery at the Baltimore Museum of Art.

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  1. Opsey, I just noticed a sign no “PInterest” and checked what I’ved pinned. Lo and behold, I pinned your Dad’s photo of your Mom at Andes. I just deleted it and my apologies. Nobody repinned it. Phew….

    • No worries Perpetua. Actually, Pinterest is finally having the photo link immediately back to my website, where a year ago it didn’t. Tumblr is a different story, as it doesn’t give the photog credit at all. I’ve seen my images there, with watermarks removed with no credit. Got a problem with that.

      I’ve been meaning to remove the Pinterest note as it isn’t relevant now.

      • Thank you. Tumblr has a function where I can link it to your site unless the author is not giving you credit for it. Oh dear.

        We really should mind our manners to give credit where credit is due.

        Damn those thieves!

  2. For years during my youth I found myself under-appreciating museums. Then I visited the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco. I took notes and wrote a poem the whole time I wandered around. I wasn’t in there long as I went there late in the day but it was a moving experience. In part because I was inspired by some pieces while others I found hard to really appreciate as art.

    These days I like to think and see past the piece itself, no matter the media used – music, photography, painting, sculpture. I wonder about the character and mind of the artist, the process, the inspiration for the piece, and more. Great post and photos, I’m glad you shared so many different pieces.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • I didn’t share one vignette from my museum visit. I saw a woman sitting on a bench looking at the “Peonies and Chinese vase.” She has the most amazing look in her eyes. With enthusiastic rapture she was studying every nuance of that painting.

      I ran into her in another room and she was still just as excited as a kid at Christmas. Of course I had to say something. She told me she was from Maine and “had nothing like this at all” up there. She was so thrilled to be there. Makes you really appreciate the power of art.

      You also are a true artist, and it clearly shown in all that you do. 🙂

      • Aw thanks. 🙂

        I can imagine being there and seeing someone so awestruck, and I’m sure it was a moving experience for you. I’d have to be careful not to get caught staring but then explain myself to her anyways. We’re similar in that I would have had to approach her regardless. What a great addition to your visit, a piece of human art.

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