Yellow Rumped Warbler

Warbler migration seasons is quickly quieting, and these charming and beautifully decorated birds won’t be seen again until the spring migration. There’s still hope that I’ll manage to find some later this week, so in the meantime I keep watching the garden to see what I can find.

The Yellow Rumped Warbler, affectionately known as Yellow Butt are one of those warblers that like to winter in the southern United States. Summering in Canada along with other warblers, I’m starting to think they may know something that I don’t know. What is the draw in Canada? Perhaps beautiful mountains and evergreen forests with clean fresh air. Yep, I think they’ve got the right idea.

This particular Yellow Rumped was in the garden for several days before leaving for parts unknown. He took over the cherry tree, chasing gnats and other bugs. Any other bird that tried to land on the tree was quickly chased off. He was also ruthless in stealing bugs from the spider’s web.

Much calmer than the kinglets, watching I noticed he had his favorite spots to stop on. Much easier to capture with just a little bit of observation.

I’m going to miss these warblers when they’re gone, but then that means…Bald Eagle and Duck Season!!

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  1. Love the photos, even the one showing off his yellow butt. I saw my first one down here last week. More are probably on the way, but our record heat for this time of year is probably slowing them down.

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