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Hiking to Weverton Cliffs

Heading north on the Appalachian Trail from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, a tall mountain stands above the train tracks. If one looks closely there is an outcropping of rocks at the peak known as Weverton Cliffs. The cliffs are found on the southern end of South Mountain. Rising 475 feet above sea level, a switch back trail leads up the side of the mountain.

So put your hiking boots on and let’s climb a mountain together! Heading over the footpath next to the train tracks, we’ll cross the Shenandoah and Potomac rivers.




Great views of the Harpers Ferry train tunnel that stands large along the landscape. Feeling tiny along here, we’ll head down and find the C&O Canal Towpath.

HarpersFerry1oct14-00959Stunning river views show the beginning of autumn is setting in. The green tree canopy keeps us in the shade while we walk the three miles up to the turnoff to begin climbing South Mountain.


Now take a deep breath as the next mile and a half is up hill. Going up nearly 550 feet on switchbacks, there’s no break. The scenery doesn’t help as it’s also breathtaking.

At last we find the top and the reward are stunning views from Weverton Cliffs. Harper’s Ferry is way off in the distance in the top right. Barely seen from the cliffs. Hard to imagine that we started way back there just a couple of hours ago.


So happy that you joined this hike with me. Now the rest is a piece of cake as it’s all downhill from here!

For full hike details on Everytrail – CLICK HERE

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      • Well, at least you didn’t have to do battle with the midges and horseflies like we did hiking in the Scottish Highlands on our honeymoon. When we returned, I looked like I had been on a battlefield and had to go to the doctor’s for antihistamine tablets! Never mind the aching muscles!

        • Are you kidding me? I had no association with Scotland and bugs. Now you’ve really shocked me. It sounds like you were on a season of Survivor (an American reality show.) Glad you made it home safe though.

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