Barn Blitz

In my weekend at Ann Arbor, Michigan for a family wedding, out in the countryside are numerous barns dotting the landscape. Wanting to capture them in the glorious early morning light, I headed out after dawn. Ann Arbor is home of the University of Michigan, and of course they loved to celebrate their football team large.


Evidently barns are so special in the countryside, there are annual competitions for the “Best Barn.” My footsteps discovered the 2011 winner from the Michigan Barn Preservation Network. The “Staebler Barn” is a 40 foot cow barn that has been saved and restored by the Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission.



I loved how there were big barns and little barns. Some for storage, some clearly working barns, and left to disarray.

Can you imagine that I found all of these barns with a ten mile radius mainly on one road? Can you just imagine what other barn glories exist on other Michigan roads.

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  1. You found some beautiful barns. A friend and I go out once a week in southern Michigan, usually down dirt roads, looking for and photographing barns (and whatever else we find). I enjoyed seeing yours.

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