My Bodyguard

First let me thank each and everyone of you for your feedback yesterday in regard to possibly changing my blog name. Many like the current name and Bente suggested that I just add my business name to the tag line. So..Hoofbeats and Footprints will continue as is thanks to your comments.

To continue the goose drama at the manor, for those that have followed me for a while are familiar with this big white Chinese Goose that has decided to become the grand protector of a small flock of Canadian Geese. I hadn’t seen him/her (?) for some time during the harsh winter we had and I was concerned that s/he didn’t make it.


The White Knight Goose returned this weekend with two families in tow. One family you have met earlier, the one with four goslings. The other family has eight babies. They are at the terribly cute stage, and of course I had to go out there with my camera when they came up for their evening meal.


The White Knight Goose stood guard over the family while the babies munched away at the corn feeder. Lo and behold, Mama and Papa Goose showed up for their turn at the feeder. White Knight Goose began sounding the alarm and the large goose family gathered together for protection.

The White Knight kept Mama and Papa Goose at bay while the family passed them to head down towards the water. Of course I had to run ahead to try to capture the little ones. Laying close to the ground I was able to get a gosling perspective.




The family tucked behind a hedgerow, waiting for the White Knight to give the all clear. Seems that I was stalking in the place where they were heading towards. Of course I was..I knew where they were going and wanted to get the perfect shot. The all-knowing White Knight decided to take the family a different route and they arrived safely to the water’s edge.



I tell you, if I ever have a family, I’m going to hire this White Chinese Goose for My Bodyguard.

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  1. Oh my GOODNESS< these are just wonderful, Emily! Magical is the word that comes to mind. The water beading droptlets, the "gosling perspective" makes one feel such immediacy, and the playful humor in your commentary is just SO YOU. Sorry I'm a bit late to the vote, I second the idea of keeping the blog name as is. If reeeaaaally pressed to a choice, I would say "Bella Remy Photography" since that says it all and falls right in line with Bente's idea for it as a sub title. And I might add that I SO understand your dilemma about making any changes to the name. We evolve, our blogs do, too, and sometimes it's good to toss it out there and see what the reaction is. Bottom line, YOU have to be happy and settled with the decision. I can speak for myself here and tell you that I think anyone who loves your blog & your voice will surely follow you like tiny goslings wherever you may lead us – no matter what the "path" is called! 🙂 xo

  2. What a fantastic story and pictures! Aren’t they just the cutest thing ever! Beautifully captured, as always. I could do with a White Knight too, but I expect Adonis will have to do.

  3. Awesome Emily – those little guys are as cute as they get. Such a great idea to be at ground level, the perspective is fantastic!

  4. They are all so cute! I love watching those animal planet shows about crazy animal friends. This post made me think of that. 🐥🐤🐦

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