Sudden Snow

It was quite the surprise to wake up to six inches of snow that fell last night. After all, wasn’t there a spring like weekend? However did Old Man Winter managed to sneak, back in here? Actually, this snow was a pretty snow, and even though it’s been a tough and bitter winter, it was hard to be mad at for very long.

It was a day long overdue to visit the ponies, so along the way barns dot the landscape. Alas, the horses were snoozing in the fields most of the time, so no frolicking today.

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  1. We had some more snow fall in the Midwest but not nearly as much, it melted soon after. The part of my yard still holding the most snow is right where my crocuses are planted!! And my hyacinth and others that start early in the spring…figures…

    I like how you make barns seem so much more artistic! Of course the red one is the prettiest but appreciate the variety. And the woodpecker seems a great model! I haven’t seen many of those in a while, mostly downys.


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