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Hiking on Ice

This morning I headed out to a local park The Patapsco Valley State Park. A perennial favorite for my friend and I to hike.

Arriving a little early so that I could explore, I stopped by “Lost Lake” and managed to capture four different birds in one image. The bonus find at the lake was a Red Necked Grebe which usually doesn’t winter in our area.

Hooded Merganser, Red Necked Grebe, Great Blue Heron and Ring Necked Duck (from left to right)

Hooded Merganser, Red Necked Grebe, Great Blue Heron and Ring Necked Duck (from left to right)

Red Necked Grebe

Red Necked Grebe

We went past the Morning Choice trail, with snow covering ice below. Yak Trax and Katoolas on our feet, we walked steady. Contemplating which way to turn, the sign tempted us to begin a trek to California.

We crossed paths of three White Tailed Deer. We stopped in our tracks. They stopped in their tracks. We both stared at each other. Us in amazement. Them in curiosity, wonder and concern. They slowly ambled off. It was good that they found us a calming presence.

We followed a stream that lead to Cascade Falls. Icicles hanging from fallen branches and trees.

The falls were full, roaring with their might of the push of the water from melting snow.

Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls

On the last leg of our nine mile hike a tree filled with fresh holes caught my eye. Nearing, a Pileated Woodpecker flushed out giving us a great opportunity to check out her/his deluxe condominium that was in the construction process.


It was a fantastic day for a hike and returning back to nature. Walk the trails, but leave no trace.

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  1. Looks a fantastic hike Emily – (I am quite jealous – I want to be there) – and of course you have captured it so well with your superb photos.

  2. Awesome journey!! Thanks for taking us along with you. 🙂

    A couple of weeks ago I saw my first trio of Hooded Mergansers, they are beautiful birds and you captured it so well here. And what a great find to have all four of them! Ring-necks and Grebes I’ve not seen but definitely seen my fair share of Great-Blues, they never get old and you got it in all its glory.

    Your choice of pictures to tell this story is great and varied. I love the falls and icicles too.


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