White Beauty


I miss my little trips to Florida, when I can escape for a couple of a hours in fun places like alligator farms in Orlando or St. Augustine. Just knowing that I’m missing breeding season of the Great Egrets in these rookeries only make me miss it more.


Although I certainly have seen plenty of white of a different nature – snow. Snow, and more snow. But it is beginning to melt and perhaps spring and migration season is just around the corner.


At least I can go back and revisit my trips with all of the pictures I took last year. Perhaps a Knight in shining armor on a white steed may come and whisk me off to a new adventure.


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      • Well, I’m going to visit north of Tampa and then decide for sure. I have a good friend that is looking for a place around Floral City, more or less. I won’t know until I get there, but I’ve been moving towards a minimalist lifestyle, so it won’t be as hard to move as it seems.

  1. OH MY, these are so beautiful I cringed at the sight of the first one. Beautiful birds, and yes that green eye is striking. It’s surreal!

    Photography is an awesome thing. I am already appreciating how much a 365 makes you document each day, even when you miss days. I’m so looking forward to this spring as well. I bet you get some amazing migratory birds there on the east coast.

    Thanks for taking us back in time with you, it’s the next best thing to seeing them in person. I appreciate too that photography encourages us to look around us even more. You just know that there’s got to be something incredible in your own region as you admire the treasures of others. And what a great blessing the internet is that we can connect and share with each other in this way. I’m happy to have discovered you!


    • You are truly a special and unique person with a warm and generous heart. The project 365 will help you connect more with the world in ways you never imagined. It makes you look at things differently and search for things when you aren’t really looking.

      Having you in my life really brings such joy and I thank you for being you. Hugs..Emily

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