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  1. Beauty in your words and your images, Emily, always touching the heart. Anna Sewell’s words ring so true to us today. At a time when the efforts of so many to bring kindness and mindfulness to the ways in which we treat all animals seems to be at a new level, I only hope that more will come to know this truth that animals do indeed FEEL. After all, does a person who cannot speak have fewer feelings than one who can? After all… Thank you for sharing this, my friend. I can see this horse’s feelings through the magic of your lens, and they are beautiful.

    • You know the magic and majesty of these noble beasts. We have been truly blessed to be able to have them in our lives. Their strong spirits have taught me so much in life.

      Believe me, my girl has no problem expressing what she is thinking and feeling to me. Rather adorable, even when she is being pissy. 🙂

      • How I can relate to you and your girl. My Marmee, sweet as marshmallow fluff, can have her pissy moments too. I love her for ALL her moments, Emily, and agree that we are blessed to know them both. She was right there with me, of course, and together we captured the ice crystal patterns on the roof thru’ one of her many “birdie windows”… To our GIRLS! 🙂

  2. I loved Black Beauty, I too read it many times when I was young.

    The first photo is beyond great, I’d say that you should stick to photographing horses since you do so well with them, but then I’d miss everything else that you shoot.

  3. Love the photos! Disagree with the quote. I think animals are smarter than us sometimes. And the love I see in my dogs eyes can’t be made up. Woof! 🐶

  4. I don’t believe animals are dumb at all. They know what they need to know in order to survive and they have done very well so far. I believe my puppy, who is only 8 moths old, is more intelligent than some people I know. Trust me: I am a teacher!

  5. I am yet another little girl who loved “Black Beauty” (dad never did let me get a horse, humph…) and I was a pretty big fan of the “The Saddle Club” series too. And who didn’t love My Little Pony!!!??? Ok, I digress…

    These pictures are gorgeous, sultry even that first one! What a beautiful animal.

    I have two parrots and they have all the good and bad feelings. If I’m sad they calm and seem attentive, although the one isn’t so good with my frustration…they’re good about pushing buttons.

    Great post all around.


    • When I was a little girl, all I wanted was a horse. Birthday, Christmas..what do you want? A HORSE ! Parents never got it though.

      Now having parrots as pets, that must be interesting and they know you all to well. I watch my cats and believe me, they have me trained well. 🙂

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