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Time to catch up and let you know what I’ve been up to. Now that I’ve managed to complete my “Project 365” it’s time to get organized. Along with the endeavor to reorganize all of the 30,000 + images – a project still in progress, I’ve been working on establishing a photography business.

Seeing that I’ve developed such a passion for bird photography, I started a new name to operate under. Feathered Friends Photography will offer bird photography workshops and field trips in the Annapolis area.

Several exciting trips have been planned for the year and can be seen on Feathered Friends Photography Meetup Group. There is also a new Feathered Friends Photography Facebook Page which successfully have over 100 likes in just a few days.

I’m hoping to promote hands-on bird photography coaching through the meetup group, and offer my bird images for a variety of medium on Facebook.

Time for a bird commercial. On Monday, I went out birding with a girlfriend. I heard a rumor that there was a few Cackling Geese seen on a sod farm. Heading off on a wild goose chase, we found the large – almost 1,000 Canadian geese – flock. Not knowing exactly what I was looking for, rather quickly I threw my hands up in the air and said “No More.” No more wild goose chases for me.

My friend kept calling out geese flocks when we’d pass them, wondering I wanted to stop to try to find a Cackling goose. No Way Jose ! And then something magical happened.

Remember that small Canadian Goose flock I have that comes up daily with the white Chinese goose for dinner? Well, lo and behold they arrived Thursday afternoon, with…a little darling and cute Cackling Goose in tow. It was a true gift from the heavens. I’ve been hoping she’ll return with my flock since then, but it was a star appearance and she hasn’t been back.

"Richardson's Cackling Goose"

“Richardson’s Cackling Goose”

Feathered Friends Photography is just one thing I’ve been working on this week. The State of Maryland has a fantastic website where one can easily register a business name and obtain an LLC registration. Bella Remy Photography is now officially a business ! I have dared to cross the line from a photography enthusiast to a professional.

Bella Remy Photography will continue and under this name I hope to offer Equine and Pet Portraits, as well as some event photography. The infrastructure is still under development for this venture.

Now for the next birding commercial. This morning I headed out to Thomas Point Park with the Anne Arundel Bird Club. A large group was lead by Dan Haas, who is also a fantastic musician. The search was on for wintering ducks.

I was hoping to find some funky ducks. And Funky Ducks we did find, and lots of them! These are Surf Scoters.

But that wasn’t the only exciting ducks we found. Another duck I was hoping to see is an American Widgeon. This is the first time I’ve ever seen one. So very exciting!

American Widgeon

American Widgeon

One of our stops was along a community beach where about 1,000 canvasback ducks hang out. Throwing some corn out in hopes of drawing them closer, this brave and sweet girl dared to come in and get corn right in front of about 30 people.

Canvasback Duck - Female

Canvasback Duck – Female


As you can tell, it’s been a busy but wonderful week. I hope that the new year has brought great new beginnings for you as well. Emily

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    • Now I know you’re being over kind Phil. Other than the canvasback and goose photos, the others are ick. I’m finding my 500mm is not focusing after being out in the cold for a while. May be time to send it in for service. Most certainly before I take my Galapagos trip in March.

  1. WOW! you sound very busy! Congratulations on your new business venture, I hope it will be a resounding success!

  2. Woowhooo… Congratulations on your business. Feathers friends has nice ring to the name of your site. Oh, glad to see the star of today’s post is a Canadian. Tee hee. You are just so talented. If only I know how to put a border on my picture just like yours, then I am making progress on photography with point and shoot. You are such an inspiration, Emily. Thank you. Perpetua.

  3. Woo hoo! Now you can write off all your expensive camera gear on your taxes!

    Seriously, I wish you all the best in your endeavor, I’m sure that you’ll make it a success, maybe so successful that you won’t have much time left for birding.

    If you can spare a moment, could you talk to the surf scoters and widgeon and ask them to head my way when they start north, I could use photos of them.

  4. My venture back to a hobby/business will be after my move this spring. Congratulations Emily, onward to making some money!

  5. What a wonderful idea and I love the name Feathered Friends Photography! I wish you all the best on your new exciting adventure. I really hope it takes off for you. You’re brave and deserve to do well. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • You are such a wonderful and true friend Fatima. I like the name too, almost makes me want to drop Bella Remy although people are familiar with that name now. I find I’m good with the initial inquiry, but suck at follow through. Here’s hoping I work through that.

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