2013 Project 365

Project 365/353 – The Peanut Ball

There are little bandits in my garden. Very smart and now very plump bandits. One of the many bird feeders in my garden is this small metal mesh ball that is intended for peanuts for nuthatches, woodpeckers and the like.

Most certainly not intended for creatures with fur and four legs. But their tenacity finally won over. Somehow they managed to remove the top and hide it from me so I can’t replace it. A perfect situation for going in head first and eating to one’s heart’s content. Under normal use, this is what the Peanut Ball is for.


mm15nov13-7306 mm16nov13-7429

But NO..the squirrels have their own idea. First staging themselves on top of the stand, they begin their dive head first into peanut heaven.

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Of course, if they could fit their little fat bodies totally into the ball, I think they would.


They weren’t the only visitors in the manor’s garden today. This beautiful Sharp Shinned Hawk made a rare appearance. I’ve only seen him three times in the garden this year. Of course, I had to capture this image through the window. As soon as I tried to slink out a door, he flew off.


I loved seeing him though, and hope to see him back soon.

It’s New Year’s Eve, and after a full day of exercising, riding horses, then coming home and cooking and drinking champagne. I’m a bit worn out. Hope you’re out celebrating and celebrating big.

May we all have a fabulous new year, and may 2014 bring more good luck and fortune than 2013 did.




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  1. Have you tried sprinkling cayenne pepper on the peanuts? That’s the only way I know of to stop a squirrel. The birds don’t mind it.

    The photos were great, especially the sharpie!

    I’ve never heard of any one cooking champagne, doesn’t that remove the fizz? 😉

    • LOL !! Yes, I would think it would.

      Naw..I’m having fun watching the little fatties figure out how to fit into the ball. In fact it inspires me to create more of these tricks for them to play with.

      These photos really proved to me that my camera focusing mechanism is on the fritz. So off it will go tomorrow to be repaired.

      Thank you SO MUCH for being with me every day this year, sharing has been special because of your daily comments.

      Happy New Year and here’s to a fantastic 2014.

      • Well, good luck with the camera. I hope that you don’t get so involved making an obstacle course for the squirrels that you don’t have time for photography. 😉

        I’ve said it before, but one of many things that I love about your blog and photos is that I learn from them. It’s been fun watching as you’ve done the daily challenge as well.

    • You are so sweet Fatima ! I love that squirrel desperately trying to catch that nut throughout that whole movie. Makes me laugh so. It’s classic. Have you seen the other 2 films? They keep the story line going.

      It’s wicked cold here today, but seeing your gravatar made my day.

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