2013 Project 365

Project 365/329 – Foggy Annapolis

Awakening this morning to a foggy mist covering the landscape, the morning felt magical. It was to be a day of contradictions as rain was called for the day. Wanting to capture Annapolis in the fog, I packed up the camera and headed south. Crossing over the Severn River Bridge, I couldn’t see past 100 yards. It was as “thick as pea soup” with the mysterious enveloping fog.

Arriving to the waterfront, the mallards quickly greeted me, in hopes for some breakfast.
Walking down towards the docks, the fog muffled the sounds of life awakening in the city.


The moored boats were decorated in holiday fare. Getting ready to celebrate the season in the Annual Eastport Yacht Club Lights Parade.

Moored across the water was a sailboat named Mandy. I remember Mandy well, as last winter I had captured a few images of her in a snowfall. Her owners somehow found me and were joyous to have some photos of their boat.

Of course I had to capture Mandy once again, although she wasn’t positioned as nicely for the Annapolis skyline as she had been before. I happened to notice one of her owners outside tending to some lines. Heading over, I introduced myself and met Erin and Bob personally as well as Mighty Mandy. It was great meeting them and I hope to see them again soon.



Mandy wasn’t the only sailboat being caressed by the fog. A few other beautiful sailboats floated gently in the waters along the dock.

It was a magical morning in Annapolis and was the start of what turned out to be a beautiful, warm and sunny day. Hope your day was a glorious as mine. Bella

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  1. I love walking or paddling through a fog, so you know that I loved these! (People say that walking around in a fog is my normal condition)

    I will miss the challenge photos when you complete it, any thought as to what comes next?

    • You have asked the $384,000 question. I’m not too sure. Post a day? Focus on just one topic. I just don’t know. I do know that this blog has gravitated to what I wanted it to be to what is interesting to readers.
      The bird/wildlife element will most certainly stick. I’ll take any ideas!
      For the fog..it’s fun walking around in a fog isn’t it?

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