2013 Project 365

Project 365/327 – It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

During the Thanksgiving weekend, it seems that Christmas light decorations sprouted up along lawns and greenways overnight like mushrooms.

One has to love the holiday spirit that Americans get into. Not only do they celebrate, they celebrate big. Now to find one of those dancing lighted houses to enjoy.

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    • I need to practice much more Jerry. All I did for those too was turn off the auto focus mode and manually focused until the bulbs looked like this. Now to get one thing in focus in the front and then the ‘bokeh’ lights in the back.

  1. So, let’s work this out
    U.S holidays ….
    Halloween begins at the end of September ?
    Thanksgiving third week in November,
    swiftly followed by Christmas ??

    • It’s nuts Bee Seeker. Americans love to party. Halloween is in October, Christmas starts the day after Halloween, and somehow Thanksgiving is thrown in the middle.
      To rest after all the parties, two weeks into January we have a holiday on a Monday for a three-day weekend.

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