2013 Project 365

Project 365/279 – A Few Tweeties

The storm has finally broken and a pre-dawn departure off to Sandy Point Park in hopes of a glorious sunrise. Alas, the cloud cover was so dense, the sunrise was a non-event.

Continuing down the road, I met up with a few fellow birders at Patuxent River Park – Wooton’s Landing in hopes to find some more migrating warblers.

Rounding the bend, we came across a large flock of Yellow Rumped Warblers. Standing and enjoying their flighty beauty, they quickly became accustomed to our presence. Dive bombing past us, one even almost flew straight into my 500mm lens hood!

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The lighting was less than ideal early in the morning. But did I think to unpack my newly purchased Canon 580x flash unit? Nope ! Perhaps next birding field trip I’ll remember it.
Either way, we were able to enjoy a number of woodpeckers including Red Belly, Downy, and this ‘lifer’ Yellow Bellied Sapsucker.
untitled shoot-2503
All around me, I’ve been hearing people say about all the kinglets they’ve seen. Do I get to see one? Nope !! Somehow the kinglets have been hiding from me. But at least one made a brief appearance this morning for his snapshot. He wasn’t seen afterward.


Ruby Crowned Kinglet

Ruby Crowned Kinglet

There’s been a fellow birding photographer that’s been bragging about getting two types of birds in one image. Well, two can play that game!
untitled shoot-2528
At least this Chipping Sparrow was enjoying the rain puddle after the sun warmed the ground.
untitled shoot-2602

My annual trip to the Shenandoah Mountains has been cancelled. No thanks to our stupid politicians and their inability to meet halfway. All of the National Parks remain closed except for a few states that are now using state funds to keep the National Parks open. So no mountain climbing, boulder scrambling, or getting close to deer at Big Meadows is in store for me.

In order to get my mountain fix, I’m heading off to Catoctin Mountains tomorrow. It will be to be a fun fall field trip day.

Can’t wait to share my adventures with you when I return. Bella

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    • Our country is in such a mess right now. It truly is a sad state of affairs. And living so close to DC we really get the impact.
      Tomorrow is going to be a blast ! I’m excited and all camera gear is packed.

  1. First – absolutely love the Chipping Sparrow shot. Awesome.
    Second – I’ve had some good luck with some Ruby Crowned Kinglets and a variety of migrating Warblers at Davidsonville Park off of Patuxent River Road just north of Central Avenue. Go to the back of the park, past the ball fields, and take the path down the hill and to the right behind the pond. I’ve seen the Ruby Crowned Kinglets, Yellowthroats, Marsh Wrens, and Eastern Towhees in the brush between the path and the pond. And I’ve seen a fair variety of Warblers going back and forth from the saplings along the path to the bigger trees behind them: Prothonotary Warblers, Black and Whites, Black Throated Green Warblers, Magnolias… among others. Best luck there in the morning. Also have had some good luck at Watkins Park along Central Avenue not too far outside the Beltway. Good luck with what you find!!

    • You are so fortunate Bente. Here the parks are so over policed. Don’t even dare to park where it isn’t specifically designated parking. The Parking Park Police show up out of nowhere and nearly kick you out for breaking the rules. πŸ™‚

  2. If politicians are there to serve the people, then they are failing BIG TIME! Isn’t it disgraceful? They should all be sacked for major incompetence. I bet in the meantime, they are all earning big bucks. Sickening.

    I hope everything will go back to normal soon and that you’ll be able to enjoy your beautiful National Parks and all the fun that goes with them.

    Beautiful photography, as always.

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