2013 Project 365

Project 365/272 – The Calm After the Storm

It’s been a long time since rain has been at the manor. A strong storm front blew through this afternoon, dropping much needed rain and lead by strong winds.

At the barn when the storm began blowing in, 30 mph winds blew through the barn, kicking up all the dust. Remy was out free grazing, so I ran out to get her back into safety. Somehow she didn’t have any problems with the impending torment.

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The sky began clearing in the late afternoon. Heading down the docks in hopes of finding some exciting birds that might have been blown in. The water was whisper quiet on the river and smooth as glass. Although there was a two foot storm surge, all was safe on the bay.

The reflections of the boats glistened gloriously.

The autumn leaves had been knocked down by the wind.


A light mist rose from the warm water as the air temperatures had dropped quickly. And the changing leaves shimmered in their reflections.

The Great Blue Heron was watching the fish jumping in the river and took flight for a better view.


Before heading back up for supper, this charming female mallard passed by with her brother and sister, intently watching.

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    • Oh No…I would never wish that much insanity owning a farm. Would love to have one, but talk about never ending work! I board Remy there. You are so sweet, about her photo. Not the best, but she was so cute. “What Ma? What storm??”

  1. love the shots of the heron Emily. There is a trout farm near where I live and above the pens where the trout are kept are some trees. There are lots of herons sitting in the trees eying the fish, but can’t get to them as there are nets over the fish pens. I keep meaning to go back with a camera..

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