2013 Project 365

Project 365/251 – Hanging

Morelia Viridis

Morelia Viridis
Alligator Farm, St Augustine Beach, Florida

Humans are kind of story-propagating creatures. If you think of how we spend our days, think of all the time you spend on entertainment. How much of your entertainment centers around stories? Most pieces of music tell stories. Even hanging out with your friends, you talk, you tell stories to each other. They’re all stories. We live in stories.

Patrick Rothfuss


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  1. Like Indiana Jones, I really hate snakes, but this is an extremely cool photo. I was also thinking, if you ever see one of these in your yard, it sounds a lot better to say “there is a Morelia Viridis in our yard” than to say hey, its a green tree python! Great photo.

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