2013 Project 365

Project 365/243 – Green Heron

KR6sep13-9740 KR6sep13-9756 KR6sep13-9749

Day three of the riding clinic and two more to go. The good news ! I managed to stay on. The bad news? I managed to stay on. Rode the beast today and he was just being a silly goose. Jumping at things like – sunlight.

On the way home, I did a quick stop at Kinder Farm’s little pond to check on the wood ducks. They are still there, but still hiding in their favorite spot. I saw that the boys are starting to get some color on their head, so I hope to capture them soon with more color.

At least a pair of Green Herons modeled me for a short bit. Let’s hope tomorrow is a better riding day.


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    • I rode Remy the first two days. She makes me look so great. Like I know what I’m doing. Threw the beast in there for the challenge. It all fell apart yesterday. Between him spooking like crazy, and me not being able to turn right, all I could do was laugh. πŸ™‚

  1. Sounds like the riding is going OK…I love these, It looks like pure concentration on the Herons face…excellent shots

    • Like that…yep..it’s going “Ok” Would love it to be better, but then I wouldn’t learn as much. The Heron landed in front of me, freaked out and then flew to that branch. He was keeping a sharp eye on me. Thank you so much.

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