2013 Project 365

Project 365/210 – Gator Country


Have you ever seen an alligator’s nest? I sure haven’t. Arriving to Paynes Prairie – La Chua Trail for a brief birding excursion, a local shared with me the location of where a nest was, with the mother close by.

A section of Paynes Prairie with marshlands filled with alligators, fish and countless birds, this is home to the ferocious gator. Finding the nest near the walkway, I discovered that it is nothing but a big pile of dirt.


I’ve been on this trail before, back in the winter where the alligators came on land to warm in the sun from the cool waters. In the heat of the summer though, the water is quite warm. The alligators were quite lively this morning, and I was unprepared for the water thrashing and alligator roars just footsteps from where I was standing.




But it was hot..really hot. And my phone kept chiming with business calls, so I had to make a quick departure from the marsh. Vowing to return soon to visit the gators.

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