2013 Project 365

Project 365/180 – Missing



There’s nothing I miss about anything in the whole wide world.

The idea of missing something means you’re not living in the moment.

Every moment is good for something.

Ricky Williams


This morning was spent on a wild goose chase with two of my birding friends. We went in search for a rare warbler. Instead we ended up with a great three mile hike on a very humid morn. No…we didn’t find the bird. But as you know, that challenges me even more to find it the next time I’m out.

This image was captured with the Canon 5D Mark III, 24-105mm L lens. Edited in Lightroom for exposure and clarity, then sent to Nik Silver Efex Pro.

Happy Monday! Bella

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  1. Love the photo, and the story, it sounds so much like my “adventures”.
    Don’t agree with the quote. Many experiences are not able to be valued until much later down the track, when you may have the perspective required to learn from, or understand the value of said experience.

    • There certainly is something to be said about what you say. This is so true. I can tell you a teenager horror travel story with mom through the Amazon jungle in Bolivia and tons of rain and mudslides. I was cursing the whole way. Now years later, I appreciate the full experience. But boy was I a hateful child during the experience.

      I think the idea is to appreciate the moment you’re in. Instead of looking backward or wondering what will happen next.

    • Well..ok…I’ll admit the photo is kind of boring, It needed something in the chair – thus the ‘missing.’ I was trying to think of something other than a doll and came up empty. Thank you.

      • I would have place a pretty blossom or maybe a bottle of wine and two glasses if I was setting a scene but simply an empty chair as it was shot was nice and welcoming 🙂

  2. See I could never capture that. Because of your blog I was trying to see whether I could catch cool things to photograph, just with my eye, not an actual camera. 😀 But it’s so hard! You catch moods!

    • That is so sweet, and you will find that you will starting seeing the world differently with a camera. Give yourself time – I certainly wouldn’t have thought of this three years ago. 🙂
      So happy that you’re finding inspiration here.

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