2013 Project 365

Project 365 / Day 77 – The Feed Store

untitled shoot-0672

Part of being a nature lover and an animal owner is having to constantly keep up with the food supply. Between the wild birds, the big fat squirrels, the sassy cats and the frisky horses these creatures are starting to eat me out of house and home.

So today was spent running to four different stores – yes, four to restock on all the supplies needed to keep said animals and birds happy. The last thing I need is an animal riot outside my residence.

One of my stops was at the local feed store, where there are always fun things to explore. When I first arrive, these two farm paintings greet me on the entrance walls.

untitled shoot-0664

Oops..looks like a bird pooped on this one.

untitled shoot-0660

The first photo is what I saw when I walked into the store. A newly designed display that screams farm life. Got to love Purina. But then, what is that I see?

A Cat in a Basket?

untitled shoot-0670

I want one! Evidently this is his favorite sleep spot now. I remember when he was just a frisky kitten and tried to climb up my leg. Now he’s got more of an attitude.

But then the best, the chicks are in stock. Who wouldn’t want to raise some chickens at home to have fresh eggs for breakfast. I would love to have some, but alas the cats would have them for breakfast instead. No eggs for me.

When I put my iPhone 4s next to the cage to take his picture, this little guy was happy to pose and perhaps was wondering if I was mom.



It was a great little stop and I always want to spend more time here than I really should. Thanks for going to the feed store with me. Now go feed your cat!


All images taken with iPhone 4s. Minor edits in Lightroom: Autotone, clarity, noise reduction, medium contrast tone curve, vibrance.

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  1. I loved going to the feed store with my dad growing up – to pick up our ordered chicks and there were usually bunnies in stock too:) Love the cat in the basket. Thanks for the memories – great captures! Happy Monday

  2. Got to love the love the American feed stores – always filled with yesterdays charm. City stores can’t match the atmosphere. Love the cats attitude, leave – let me sleep! Great trip!

  3. That must be the suburban version of a feed store. πŸ˜‰ The ones I’ve been to were dark, dingy, and everything was covered in dust from straw and grain, and the bags were burlap. They had a smell that one does not forget. Very nice photos, I too loved the chick!

    • I am pretty much in the country, and it is a small local family owned feed store. They had just recently revamped and the display is special just for the chick season.
      Yes..old chick poo is quite stinky. Glad you liked this Jerry.

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