From Sea to Shining Sea

Let’s start the morning from the most southern shores of the Eastern United States. After leaving the northern shores of Mount Desert Island, Maine and the cold and dark waters, to the warm and turquoise blue waters of the Florida Keys.

Many think that Key West is the consummate island along the chain of the Florida Keys, however there are many islands just above Key West that maintain the traditional Old Florida feel. Shunning the tourist crowd, these islands bring the best nature can offer.

Enjoying ocean breezes, palm trees and warm waters on Sugarloaf Key allows one to enjoy the tropical island life, while being close to the hubbub of Key West.

With tropical banana and papaya fruit trees promising that fresh-off-the-tree produce

To wildlife abound throughout the lower islands

One can feel worlds away from the hustle and bustle of modern day life.

Oh how I yearn to enjoy the tropical island life once more. I believe the islands are calling my name.

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  1. This. . . should make it to the Freshly Pressed! ^_^
    I especially liked the shot with the bridge, and the very last one with the flower!

    • Hi Susan ! You are so very kind ! It really is easy to get shots like this when you’re in paradise. Need to scheme to get back there in the winter when there’s snow on the ground in Maryland. Thank you!

  2. Beautiful! The shot of the dock leading to the boat is fantastic! I haven’t been down to the keys since I was about 12 or 13. Went down there on a fishing trip with my grandfather. Almost went down there last October to go camping but I didn’t want to make the long drive for just a couple of days.

    • But you should Michael! It’s high time you get yourself down there and enjoy the islands. Get to the ocean breezes and out of the mid-state heat. BTW, heading down next week. Oh boy, Florida in August – what fun!

  3. The first shot so wonderful like a dream… 😉
    What are all the birds looking at, looks like they waiting for something… ‘hahaha’
    Beautiful place, how far is the tree from Liverpool… ‘.big smile’
    All shots are great… 😉

    • Truly captures the “Bird on the Wire” moment. I think they were worried if they needed to fly off to get away from me. LOL. Just a hop, skip and a Jump to the Keys Drake. Thank you for such kind words.

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