Red Sky Tonight – Sailor’s Delight

There are moments in our days that happen so quickly, but are so spectacular that all you want to do is share them with the world. I was sitting at my desk that looks outside to the west this evening, and the sky was brilliant with color. Finally I have learned to have my camera ready by the door for such an occasion. Rushing out with my cat Tuxedo, we managed to catch a few shots before the light started to change and rain began to fall.

Taken with a Canon 7D 24-105mm IS L lens. f/4.0, Auto ISO and  Auto White Balance. B&W UV Filter.   ISO levels stayed below 320, and the shutter speed was oh-so-slow, ranging from 1/30 to 1/125th of a second. Thank goodness for image stabilization! Minor adjustments in Lightroom 3.5, mainly adding black to silhouette the trees and some clarity. No saturation, or vibrance added. This is how the sky was!


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  1. Beautiful shots – it show that one are needed to get ready to catch the moments – if I had seen that live, so I think that it would have inspired me to hear some Pink Floyd… 😉

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