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Just beautiful creatures out in the wild and some fabulous people dedicated to keeping the story seen and heard.

Wild in the Pryors

I first met Lakota in October 2010.  I know that I had seen him before on a couple of my other trips, but this was the first time I actually knew who he was.  I was spending the day on the mountain with my friend Wendy H. from Billings and Matt Dillon from the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center.

We met Matt near the intersection of Burnt Timber Road and Sykes Ridge Road.   He immediately told us that Quelle Colour had her foal and wanted to check on her.  This was pretty late in the year to have a foal, I thought, and worried if she would make it through the winter.

When I saw Lakota in October of 2010 his band consisted of:  his lead mare Quelle Colour, Kole, Mariah, Kalispell (2010), Half Moon and Kiowa (New Moon) (2010), Heritage (High Noon) and Koda (Kootenai) (2010). Heritage and her…

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