Tag: nesting

A Mama and Her eggs

Nickerson Beach, Long Island, New York is home for Common terns in the summer. The grass laid sand dunes provide the perfect habitat for the flock to raise their young. Even though there is a rope to keep the humans out, the terns seem to not obey the […]

Babies Galore!

The manor is becoming a bird nursery, and mama birds have been busy with the new housing provided to them this year. Azure and Celeste started a second family and laid four eggs. From what I can tell, only two have made it so far. This time I’m […]

It’s a High Rise

While I haven’t been looking this week, Zorro and Esperanza have been busy building their high rise apartment. Compared to their nest not too long ago after the wind storm, they have been really working hard. Within ten days, in between fishing and lovemaking they’ve managed to create […]

Setting up House

Early in the morn the sound of a calling Osprey awakened me. Looking out the window I saw one fly by and land on my neighbors dock. Rather unusual as around the manor, the Osprey usually fly by for destinations unknown. Heading down to the water to investigate, […]

A White Wonder

During my short working trip to Florida, I was able to make a stop by Gatorland in Orlando before getting to the airport for my return flight. I had heard that there was a marsh area that was teeming with wildlife along the gator park. The Gatorland Bird […]