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The Charles Darwin Research Station

Traveling among the isolated and remote islands of Galapagos, one begins to wonder if man inhabits any of these islands. But there is such a place, a change of pace from the natural world that nearly all the ship’s itineraries include. Located on Santa Cruz Island is Puerto […]

Galapagos Flightless Cormorant

A true example of evolution is seen in the Galapagos Islands with the Flightless Cormorant. This Cormorant is the only one in the world that has lost its ability to fly. The Flightless Cormorant is endemic to the Galapagos Islands, found only on Fernandina and Isabela Islands. With […]

The Galapagos Giant Tortoise

Tortoise, Turtle or Terrapin? It all depends on where you find them. The Galapagos Islands are world famous with the large lumbering gentle beasts that dot the landscape on certain islands. A visit to Urbina Bay on Isabela Island shared intimate views of wild Giant Tortoises. Tortoise highways […]