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A Day of Natural Contrasts

When starting in the Botanical Gardens in the morning, I had a hard time getting inspiration for photographing. So looking for an idea, I decided to work on natural contrasts. The gardens surrounding the Conservatory provided ample subjects. Working with the contrasting plants, trying to set up the […]

From Picture to Art

My workshop with Allen Rokach was so inspiring with his kind ways and gentle coaching. The two-day workshop brought ample opportunity to photography nature at its best in the U.S. Botanical Gardens next to the Washington Capital building. Wanting to know how Allen sees the world, the first […]

The Great White

Being at the footsteps of one of the most powerful buildings in the world, supposedly taking photos of flowers, the Capital building kept calling my name to be photographed. Trying hard not to gravitate to my desire to photograph landscapes, I made a concerted effort to try to […]

Mellow Yellow Acadia

Lobster trap floats hanging brightly along a barn red wall waiting for the sea. Adventurers getting ready to try their hand at Bar Harbor. Mellow yellow mushrooms sitting quietly on the balsam fir forest. Delicate wild flowers elegantly decorating the passage along the Little Harbor Brook Trail. These […]

Encore of Peruvian Bouquet

One can never get enough of flowers. Flowers here, Flowers there, Flowers everywhere. Beautiful flowers in pots, lovingly cultivated by first hand crafting a ceramic pot with clay from the Andes. Bright pink Bouganvilla hanging along the walls that Quechua owners planted for decoration. Gives a florescent dash […]