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Sika Deer

I went on a wild owl hunt early this morning at Assateague Island National Seashore and came up empty handed. But I did find some amazing creatures that I least expected. Sika Deer are small members of the elk family and were introduced to Maryland in the early […]

The Misses at the Wall of Shame

Each year I have a few bird photography trips that are rituals for me. Most recently being the Snow Geese in Middle Creek. Quickly following that incredible experience, I then head out to Maryland’s Eastern Shore to the bank of the Choptank River. Down a quiet street sits […]

Ducks Galore

The adventure to Maryland’s Eastern Shore brought more than just the plentiful ducks at Oakley Street in Cambridge, Maryland but also a lovely variety of ducks on the remote and quiet Hooper’s Island. Ducks that I usually find at Ocean City Inlet were enjoying the waters along the […]

Setting Up House

Spring is in the air, and the Tree Swallows were busy trying to decide who would get to move into these deluxe accommodations. Fast and furious they were setting up house. The Princess: O Swallow BY¬†ALFRED, LORD TENNYSON O Swallow, Swallow, flying, flying South, Fly to her, and […]

A Bit Buggy Eyed

This past week has been a difficult week. Between the tragic loss of my cat, me dropping my beautiful and large camera kit with the 500mm lens, and heavy duty business meetings, I’m a bit buggy eyed. Yesterday I took an impromptu trip up to Middle Creek Wildlife […]

Squeaky Toy

This morning I headed out to Maryland’s Eastern Shore in search of a Red Necked Grebe at Kent Narrows. I had never known that birds could be red necks. I did find the Grebe, and a few other charming ducks along the water. It was quite chilly and […]