The Small Details

Some of the more interesting things discovered during our fast and fun filled weekend in Assateague and Ocean City was looking at the small details that were about.

The wildlife was wonderful, the landscapes beautiful and the company joy-filled. After starting wide with our compositions, it was time to start working closer and to use our creative eye. The first afternoon when I had the beach to myself, the beach had a gift for me.

It was a beautiful shell that I spend some time working at different angles, playing with the light and shadows. It was promptly added to my sea shell collection to play with on the beach. Finding a large shell on the beach is unusual so I thanked the lucky stars for such a gift.

Next I wanted to play with the light and shadows on the sand textures. I could have spent hours looking for different shapes and textures.

Then the waves beckoned me to spend time with them. With their power crashing on the shore, but yet the elegance of the curve when the wave gathers itself to work in unison.

Perhaps some of the best details we got to enjoy during the weekend was a huge boat yard where we spent some time in. Walking between boat hulls that were weathered from being in the water. Some brightly colored, others with darker anti-fouling paint. Some surprising shapes emerged where they were least expected.

Let your imagine run wild with shapes unexpected. What do you see? Some see a tree, others a whale’s tail.

On another note, I was reminded yesterday how important it is to keep a current back up on your Lightroom catalog. Unexpectedly, my external hard drive started to act up and the last backup in my Lightroom catalog became corrupted. When I brought up the back up catalog from four days ago Lightroom had completely forgotten all of the folders on the hard drive. So I had to import all of them AGAIN..over 42,000 files from 2019 !!

It’s my usual practice in the beginning of the year to start with a fresh external hard drive and a fresh Lightroom catalog. I hadn’t gotten around to it yet. After three hours of getting things back in order. I quickly did a new backup and finally ordered my 2020 external hard drive.

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  1. Beautiful photos. I saw a whale’s tail right away. What happened to you is my nightmare! I also store everything on an external drive, but have never started a new catalogue. I have a new drive waiting. Do you have to recreate all new folders when you start the new catalogue?

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