Laurel Race Track

The past few weeks I’ve been swamped on the domestic front with lots of “KP” or Kitchen Patrol due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. It was lots of work but enjoying a happy and large family made it all worthwhile.

Needless to say, once the event was all said and done it was time for me to break out and take a day off. This past Saturday I visited Laurel Horse Race Track for the first time and was truly impressed.

As a special event, they hosted a Stallion Showcase day where eight race horse farms shared their breeding program and the farm history.

This stallion was throwing a fit as he could see the race track from the round house and they were running the horses on the track. What was impressive is how calm the handlers managed his silliness and gave him a safe and confident place to return to.

There’s been a lot of buzz with the Maryland Horse Council and the State of Maryland the past few years as Laurel Race Track is owned along with Pimlico Race Track in Baltimore that hosts the Preakness horse race By a Canadian based company Stronach. They’ve been receiving funds and loans to upgrade both race tracks and instead of them pouring money into the flagship track of Pimlico, they’ve been investing in Laurel Race Track and it shows.

The clubhouse areas have been upgraded luxuriously and elegantly. Reminiscent of Ralph Lauren.

There are new discussions from the Stronach Group about keeping Preakness at Pimlico but millions of dollars need to be invested for upgrades in the facility and barn areas. Even with the big upgrades at Laurel Race track, the location still isn’t ready to host Preakness if that did happen as the barn areas need to be overhauled.

There’s an additional rumor that the now defunct Bowie Race track will be invested in and upgraded to be the place to train and exercise the horses in new facilities which isn’t that far from the Laurel Race Track. No matter what happens, the Horse Racing industry which is a mainstay of Maryland is hurting. Farm owners are struggling to make a profit and their passion for the industry and unbridled hope for a winner keeps them going.

Since I hadn’t been to Laurel Race Track before, I hadn’t realized what an awesome photo op the place is. Tomorrow I’ll share with you some of the incredible athletes, both equine and human I got to see on the track.

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