Fogged In

This past weekend Annapolis hosted the 50th year of the in-water Sail boat show. It was a pretty amazing event and my friend and I were able to walk onto several multi-million dollar boats and only dream of what it would be like to be on the water.

It was so exciting that I vowed that I would return for sunrise today with my drone to capture Annapolis with all it’s sail boat glory. It was a great idea..that is until I started to get closer to Annapolis and to see the fog build and the visibility disappear.

So I went with “Plan B” and stopped below the Severn River Bridge and in the dark I could only see the lights on the bridge and the street lights illuminating the dock remains in the water. It was mysterious, the fog warmly enveloping me, welcoming me into the abyss. Sure Annapolis was on the other side of the river but not a single light could I see.

I made me remiss the beautiful day before with the color reflections on the water and the high flying sails.

I’m starting to pay more attention to light and shadows. Reflections and color. How they interact and dance with each other. The ying and the yang. Opposites and balance.

When I got to Eastport I could see that the fog had burned off a little with the rising sun. But Darned if my stupid little drone wouldn’t work correctly with the software. After almost an hour I had to give up as the narrow window of beautiful light disappeared as new fog enveloped the harbor.

So off I went, frustrated but still enjoying the fog. Guess I’ll have to wait until next year’s sailboat show to try it once more. And the drone? Well, after some fussing with it tonight I think I got all the bugs worked out so I hope to take flight tomorrow.

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