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Revisiting What You Know

“Target Ship” Bombarded ship hull off of Smith Island

A very good friend of mine reminded me of a great post I had shared last year about the Seven Habits of an Effective Photographer.

Since we’re on the path of rediscovery, this is a post well worth a second read. Even though I might have written it, reading it now my words teach me things I need to keep in mind as a photographer.

As you collect a bag of wisdom nuggets from everywhere you learn from you’ll have a great kit bag that you can pull out the tool that you need when you need it. So let’s get back down to the basics.

The art of photography has several components that are pulled together to create your art.

  • The technical aspects and features your camera offers.
  • The compositional elements that you chose to frame up your image.
  • The software available to edit your images in the digital darkroom.
  • Finally and most importantly your awareness while you are in the field as to what you are capturing and how you feel while you experience the moment.

Each of these elements take a lot of time and effort in learning and understanding but the results are rewarding. But don’t let the technical aspects of the camera slow you down. And don’t get overwhelmed with the software either. It can become mind-boggling.

If you get stuck who says you can’t just pull out your cell phone and just have fun with it?

Processed with VSCO with 1 preset

In fact, my first official Maryland Federation of Art juried art show image that sold in an art gallery was an artistic iPhone capture. That means someone in the art world considered my art worthy of collecting. Pretty cool stuff!

As this week has been a discussion on how to kick start a photographic slump, your mobile phone can be a great way to get out and have instant feedback on how your composition is. It’s lightweight and easy to use. Not a lot of gear, camera backpacks or tripods required.

Give it a try, you might find it quite liberating!

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