Mount Rainier NP

To Comet Falls

At long last I found myself back again on the trail. It’s been some time that I’ve been able to hike, mostly because of the lack of time.

So what does one do when in the mountains? Well, of course you have to hike and explore the beautiful countryside that leads up the mountain. Mount Rainier National Park was a beautiful place to explore with a number of short destination type hikes that an adventurous explorer can enjoy.

My first day in the park was a free day so I carefully chose one hike that would be physically challenging, but also beautiful with the scenery. Setting out with a pair of hiking poles up the mountain I went for an arduous four-mile hike that boasted of over 1,200 feet of elevation gain within two miles that lead to Comet Falls.

Within quick order I arrived to Christine Falls with the cold blue glacier water pounding down the granite that over the Millennium had created perfectly rounded waterfall pools.

Up the difficult trail I went. This resident sea level girl gasping for air in the higher altitude and the steep trail. One foot in front of the other. There’s a beautiful waterfall at the end of this trail that will make it all worth the effort. Hiking up through the evergreen forest, the pine needles scenting the way with the river talking to me with its tumbling waters.

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I made each overlook an excuse to catch my breath so I would stop and enjoy the beautiful stream. The gift of being able to slow down, take a deep breath, enjoy the serenity around me. It was a quiet trail and I had all day. A rare day for me as usually my long to-do list makes me hustle from place to place.

As the forest is an evergreen forest, the autumn colors that I’m accustomed to in the Mid-Atlantic region of Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania is sparse. So the little color that was seen was appreciated even more.

At long last I reached the primary overlook of Comet Falls. Sitting along a log, the sun warmed me from the cool autumn air. Once at the top of the hill, there was nothing to do but turn around and go back down. Memories of a beautiful and peaceful day to carry with me.

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  1. Beautiful! I love the photo of the waterfall with the cedar fronds and how the water glows as it hits the drop, just gorgeous.

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